Holzworth Instrumentation's mission is a simple one... Provide the industry with highly innovative, high performing, straight forward products that have the best performance-to-price ratios available.


................................. "Simply High Performance".



Holzworth's core development team has over 40 years of research, development and manufacturing experience in the electronics test & measurement, software development, and space communications industries; where high performance and high reliability are critical.

We pride ourselves on being a highly dynamic company that can quickly develop new products from creative concepts, making our solutions a great fit for those who require high performance on short lead times. Of course, we also have no problem accommodating longer lead times.

We get a serious kick out of breaking the traditional mold of "how it's always been done" by producing innovative new product solutions while also helping the engineering community understand how to take the mystery out of phase noise.



  Holzworth is committed to a philosophy where providing high technology products does not excuse a company from leaving a carbon footprint. We follow best practices, while utilizing manufacturing and shipping materials that are recyclable. Our commitment to avoid hazardous materials in the manufacturing process has also made for an easy path towards CE and RoHS compliance.

In addition to our WEEE Compliance for all product sales, Holzworth takes recycling to the next level with our product upgrade program, allowing for returning customers to trade in used Holzworth products for discounted pricing on new and higher performing instruments. We use the returned devices as demonstration units or they are dismantled for scrap and recycling. Inquire with Holzworth or your local Sales Representative.


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