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Holzworth frequency dividers exhibit the lowest additive phase noise available in the industry.

The HX4210 was designed as a reference output translator for Holzworth's early RF Synthesizer designs. The key design requirement was to maintain the low phase noise /jitter characteristics the 100MHz calibrated reference output signal so that it could be utilized as a 10MHz laboratory reference standard. The HX4210 and custom variations have been adopted by communications systems integrators since 2007.

For a product quotation, please contact the Holzworth Sales Department.



The Holzworth HX4210 100MHz 10x Frequency Divider is a high grade laboratory accessory. An emphasis was placed on maintaining the low jitter and phase noise of an external reference or frequency source to maintain the integrity of system timing and noise.




Holzworth frequency divider products are warranted for 1 year against manufacturing defects. All product repairs and maintenance must be performed by Holzworth Instrumentation. Holzworth reserves the right to invalidate the warranty for any products that have been tampered with or used improperly. Refer to the Holzworth Terms & Conditions of Sales for further details.

Please contact Holzworth for pricing estimates on non-warranty repairs.



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