May 9th to 12th - New Orleans - USA

Holzworth Instrumentation has been supporting precision test and measurement requirements since the company was founded in 2004. The company was founded on the premises of making phase noise measurements that are accurate, repeatable and reliable. Today Holzworth's phase noise analyzers are recognized as the most truly accurate instruments available.

Holzworth test system advantages:


>> Blazing fast data acquisition speeds

>> ANSI z540 Calibrations (NIST traceable)

>> Sub -190dBc/Hz noise floors

>> Extremely intuitive user interface

>> Optimize rack space with 1U chassis

Holzworth will be providing live demonstrations of our new HA7062C Phase Noise Analyzer and our new spectrally pure HSX Series RF Signal Sources.

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PRE-RELEASE HA7062C Phase Noise Analyzer

Key features . . .


>> 0.1Hz to 40MHz Measurement Offsets

>> Dual Baseband Inputs down to DC

>> AM Noise Immunity

>> Simultaneous AM / PM Measurements

>> Even faster Data Acquisition Speeds

>> ANSI z540 NIST Traceable Data

>> DUT Input Splitter Bypass

>> HSX Synthesizers ON BOARD

>> Direct access to HSX Synthesizers

>> Absolute and Residual Measurements

>> 3 YEAR Manufacturer's Warranty

Holzworth has been focused on phase noise measurements since our company was founded in 2004. In additional to our own R&D and production test needs, we've worked closely with some of the industry's leading oscillator manufacturers to get the data accuracy and repeatability right. Holzworth's analyzer designs are proving themselves to be a highly reliable industry standard, one satisfied customer at a time. LEARN MORE



Similar look, but packs bigger punch...

Industry leading Spectral purity was the primary focus of the HSX Series design, but we've also improved the channel-channel isolation and increased the output power dynamic range.


Holzworth's new HSX Series Signal Generator products include models ranging from 1 to 4 phase coherent channels (independently tunable) that operate from 10MHz to 6GHz. LEARN MORE