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PRE-RELEASE 12GHz and 20GHz HSX Series Synthesizers


Holzworth is adding high frequency options to the HSX Series Signal Generator product line. The HSX Series expands on Holzworth's legacy multi-channel products with improved phase noise and spectral purity. As with the legacy products, the HSX Series maintains a tight channel-to-channel phase coherent releationship.


Stay tuned for 12GHz and 20GHz product release news during Q3 2017.


HA7062C Real Time

Phase Noise Analyzer

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Read the May 2017 Product Feature Here

Holzworth has been focused on making phase noise measurements since the company was founded in 2004. The higly anticipated HA7062C Real Time Phase Noise Analyzer is a culmination of more than 10 years of development, use and customer feedback to include unique features that are only offered by Holzworth. LEARN MORE

Key features:


..>> Real Time Engine for fast measurements

..>> Broadband: 10MHz to 26.5GHz

..>> 0.1Hz to 40MHz Measurement Offsets

..>> ANSI z540 NIST Traceable Data to 0.1Hz!

..>> Dual Baseband Inputs down to DC

..>> AM Noise Immunity on PM Measurements

..>> Simultaneous AM / PM Measurements

..>> Absolute / Residual / Pulse Measurements

..>> Direct access to internal LOs (HSX Series)

..>> 3 YEAR Manufacturer's Warranty