IMS 2014 - Tampa Bay, Florida

June 1 - June 6

We're looking forward to seeing you in Florida! Booth 700


Product Demonstration at IMS 2013


In this video Leyla Bly of Holzworth presents the automated additive phase noise measurement capability of the HA7062B Phase Noise Analyzer. This is a measurement of a low phase noise amplifier resulting in z540 NIST traceable data.

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The HX4920 Downconversion Module is an add on module for the HA7062B phase noise analyzer which enables extremely accurate phase noise measurements for DUTs operating up to 20GHz.


ANSI z540 Calibration


Data accuracy is critical in making phase noise measurements. The HX4920 maintains the ANSI z540 calibration that accompanies all Holzworth phase noise analyzer products. ...LEARN MORE



Source Impedance Influence on

Cross-Correlation Phase Noise Measurements


Prague - July 2013: Jason Breitbarth (Holzworth's CTO) presented a technical paper at the UFFC joint symposium that addresses the effect of the impedence of a DUT on the theoretical noise floor.


It has been proven that the theoretical noise floor of -197dBc/Hz (at +20dBm) can be pushed to even lower levels when measureing DUTs that are not matched to 50ohms. This measurement is possible with phase noise analyzers that do not normalize to 50ohms and have the capablity to measure to these low levels.


"The phase noise floor of an oscillator has been shown both theoretically and experimentally to be the ratio of the source noise power divided by the delivered power. In a 50 ohm system this is determined by –177dBm (- Pout) in dBc/Hz. Recent measurements have shown what appears to be better than theoretical noise floors in some oscillators" . . . . . READ MORE