Holzworth down conversion products have been specifically designed as frequency extensions for phase noise analyzers. These downconverters exhibit very low additive phase noise characteristics so as to maintain the signal integrity of high performance DUTs.


Due to the basic performance characteristics, Holzworth downconverters are useful accessories for applications that span beyond phase noise analysis.

The HX4920 is designed and heavily tested to maintain the ANSI z540 calibration that comes standard with all Holzworth phase noise analyzers. Inquire directly with Holzworth for alternate OEM applications which do not require z540 calibrated components or NIST traceability.

For a product quotation or inquiries regarding custom and OEM product solutions, please contact the Holzworth Sales Department.


Part Number
Input Range
Output Range
Additive Phase Noise (Input Referred)
DC Supply
4GHz - 26.5GHz
1GHz - 6GHz

-138dBc/Hz at 10kHz OS (using 1x)

< -160dBc/Hz at 10kHz OS (using a pair)








Holzworth down conversion products are warranted for 2 year against manufacturing defects. All product repairs and maintenance must be performed by Holzworth Instrumentation. Holzworth reserves the right to invalidate the warranty for any products that have been tampered with or used improperly. Refer to the Holzworth Terms & Conditions of Sales for further details.

Please contact Holzworth for pricing estimates on non-warranty repairs.