Holzworth HX5100 Series Electronic Phase Shifters are available for fully automating the residual / additive phase noise measurement process while using an HA7000C Series Phase Noise Analyzers.

The phase shift operation is managed via a DC tune voltage that is controlled by a Holzworth phase noise analyzer to bring full automation to the additive phase noise measurement process. This is an optimal scenario for ATE test scenarios as well as laboratory test operations.

  For more information on automated additive phase noise test setups using the HA7000 Series Phase Noise Analyzers, refer to the Holzworth's article for the April 2013 issue of MW Journal.  

READ THE ARTICLE: Automated Additive Phase Noise Measurements


HX5100 Series are sold as ANSI z540 calibrated pairs to ensure test data accuracy.



Part Number
Frequency (fc)
Shift Range
Additive Phase Noise
HX5100-17M 17MHz 10MHz - 23MHz 0 to >190 deg < -165dBc/Hz (typical) Input Referred
HX5100-35M 35MHz 23MHz - 47MHz 0 to >190 deg < -165dBc/Hz (typical) Input Referred
HX5100-70M 70MHz 47MHz - 94MHz 0 to >190 deg < -165dBc/Hz (typical) Input Referred
HX5100-140M 140MHz 94MHz - 187MHz 0 to >190 deg < -165dBc/Hz (typical) Input Referred
HX5100-280M 280MHz 187MHz - 375MHz 0 to >190 deg < -165dBc/Hz (typical) Input Referred
HX5100-500M 500MHz 375MHz - 750MHz 0 to >190 deg < -165dBc/Hz (typical) Input Referred
HX5100-1000M 1000MHz 750MHz - 1.5GHz 0 to >190 deg < -165dBc/Hz (typical) Input Referred
HX5100-2250M 2250MHz 1.5GHz - 3GHz 0 to >190 deg < -165dBc/Hz (typical) Input Referred
HX5100-4500M 4500MHz 3GHz - 6GHz 0 to >190 deg < -165dBc/Hz (typical) Input Referred
HX5100-x User Defined One Octave 0 to >190 deg < -165dBc/Hz (typical) Input Referred











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Holzworth phase shifter products are warranted for 2 years against manufacturing defects. All product repairs and maintenance must be performed by Holzworth Instrumentation. Holzworth reserves the right to invalidate the warranty for any products that have been tampered with or used improperly. Refer to the Holzworth Terms & Conditions of Sales for further details.

Please contact Holzworth for pricing estimates on non-warranty repairs.